EDC 8000

  •   While in a small form factor, EDC 8000 can achieve the best performance and capacity of 16GB
  •   Multi-Function Switch
  •   IDE Master/Slave select
  •   Write Protect on/off
  •   Static Wear-Leveling
  •   Bad Block Management & Error-Correction Code
  •   Enhanced Power Cycling

EDC 8000 44 pin Vertical EDC 8000 series are the best-in-class 4-channel embedded solid-state data storage systems, offering high sustained read and write speed up to 80 MB/sec and 75 MB/sec with fully support of PIO 0-4/Multiword DMA 0-2/Ultra DMA 0-6 modes

Capacity 2GB~16GB
Interface 40pin or 44pin IDE/ATA
IDE Transfer Mode
  • PIO mode 0-4
  • MwDMA mode 0-2
  • UDMA mode 0-6
  • Data Transfer Rate
  • Read-80MB/sec.(max)
  • Write-75MB/sec.(max.)
  • Operation Temp 0°C~+70°C(Standard)
    Storage Temp -55°C~+95°C
    Vibration 5G(7~2000Hz)
    Shock 50G/10ms
    DC Input Voltage +3.3V/+5V single power supply operation
    Power Consumption 210mA(max.)
    Dimension 40pin:27.2×57.8×9.1mm(W×L×H)