SMT MARTIN Expert 10.6 Rework for SMT Components Rework Excellence

Clear and functional – the standard set by MARTIN. With the intuitive and precise functions of the Expert 10.6, even demanding processes become easily executable tasks. You too can trust “Made by MARTIN”. Reliably reworked components are our best testimonial


Rely on MARTIN technology. Extensive application experience and demonstrated precision have been proven again and again by our customers around the world for almost three decades


Equip yourself for the future. Like its proven predecessors, the MARTIN Expert 10.6 is compatible with the smallest SMDs, large processor sockets, and tomorrow’s technologies


Profit from the speed of the new MARTIN Expert 10.6. Quick and reliable processes, as well as an affordable price, provide maximum advantage

The set comes complete with

Solder station DBL 06 with soldering pen, tool magazine, reballing holder, 2 soldering nozzles 4.0, 7.0 mm Dis module with dispensing pen, 2 aluminium nozzles(0.3 mm), cleaning set Vac module with vacuum pen, 4 placement nozzles(0.7, 1.5, 6.3, 8.5 mm), 2 solder sucker nozzles(1.0, 1.4 mm), cleaner Measurement module with ultra fine sensors, 6 channels Underheater HIF 08 /3000 W PCB table Smart Fix Compact with hand rest, cooling, 4 PCB holders and 2 PCB clips Auto Vision Placer with 5 automatic axes, camera, 2 lenses and 4 placement nozzles Second soldering pen for residual solder removal Foot switch, solder paste, solder balls, flux pen, flux cream CSP/BGA transfer tool, SMD hook Set with 7 soldering nozzles for all PLCCs, QFPs Box with consumables Rework ABC handbook MARTIN Rework software Easy Solder 05/WIN XP/Vista/7